Guitar + VOCAL

As the vocalist and guitarist of The SkyeMonkey, Tim has grown into a style of artist he would not have found on his own. At the age of 5 Tim was introduced to music through his mother. He began on the piano but slowly found himself interested in other instruments. Through school he played the drums and taught himself to sing and play guitar. This led him to begin writing his own songs and lyrical content. Growing up, he was influenced by many styles of music, the most influential of them being artists such as Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley. The passion and boldness of these particular artists resonated deeply with him. While in Tim’s early adulthood, he began playing in bands and started developing a taste for the life of an artist. This has led him on a journey of development and self-discovery. As a vocalist, Tim struggles with asthma as well as a genetic heart disease which slows his pulse. If you look closely after a show, you can sometimes see the red in his eyes caused by the lack of oxygen in his bloodstream. These hurdles are the things that shape Tim, not just an artist, but as a human being.



Joel makes up the other half of The SkyeMonkey, co-conspiring with Tim in composing complex beats and innovative melodies. Joel grew up listening to primarily classical music and film scores, but was later introduced to symphonic metal and Japanese visual rock. He strives to infuse elements of each into The SkyeMonkey in order to further pioneer a unique and original sound. After spending a number of years drumming, he began experimenting with digital music and synthesized classical compositions. He has spent the last 15 years refining his skills on both the drums and orchestrations in a digital environment. Throughout high school and college, Joel studied film and the fine arts in order to further his creativity and push into a visual medium.  Since cofounding The SkyeMonkey with Tim in the summer of 2014, Joel has been pouring his energy into drumming and songwriting, though he can still be found programming new arrangements and drawing from time to time.

Described by many as a theatrical rock duo, The SkyeMonkey mixes elements of hard rock with their own style of neoclassical composing to create a sound that is familiar yet undoubtedly unique. With Timothy Hill on guitars and vocals and Joel Berger on drums, their progressive nature, visual presence, and unorthodox songwriting will take listeners on a journey of self-discovery and belonging.

Since the birth of the band in the summer of 2014, The SkyeMonkey has played numerous shows and festivals throughout the Pacific Northwest. Most recently, they were invited to perform at the 2016 Fisherman’s Village Music Festival and the 25th Annual Seattle Hempfest. In international media, they made their publishing debut in the May 2016 issue of Stencil Magazine in the UK. In late 2015,

The SkyeMonkey released their first professional single, “River of Understanding”, recorded with renowned producer Chip Butters of Butters Sound. The group is hard at work on their new EP “HELIX”, set to be released on August 19th, 2016.